The haunting ‘Othon – Japan Suite (JP Lantieri remix)’ is out

A few months ago, during a nice party in the forest with cool music and nice people, I met Othon, a very talented composer (and a lovely person in real life).

Listening to his recent album ‘Pineal’, I fell in love with one track, ‘Japan Suite’, and asked him if I could remix it. He immediately said yes (even though I learned some time later that he was a bit scared of what treatment I would make to his baby… hopefully he happened to love my version).

Fast forward a few months, and my remix is out, signed on Magic Island Deep, part of the famous label Black Hole Recordings (founded by former world number 1 DJ Tiƫsto)



You can find it here.

And to tell you the truth, I’m quite thrilled!

February 2015