They say…
“You have the best ear I swear, I did basically all of those changes and I genuinely think this is as close to perfect as I can get it”
“Many thanks for your all your comments and tips. They are all very helpful.”
“I have put all your suggested changes on the radio version, which sounds much better now.”
“Your feedback was very intricate, detailed and thought out. Thanks again for your help.”
“Thanks for the feedback really helps!”
“I’ve tried some of your suggestions and I think it’s made it much better! I think it’s much more coherent and flows better than before.”
Andy White
“The tips you gave me about sounds and mixdowns will be very helpful for improving the track. I’m really glad to learn various techniques that I can use in my future works, especially in mixing and mastering, my special weaknesses.”
“Thanks so much for your super quick response! You’ve given me some really sound feedback and I’ve started working on some of the point you mentioned. You’ve highlighted quite a few areas that I’d overlooked and already the track is sounding much more balanced and cohesive!”
Pete Pearson
Incredibly detailed, to the point and helpful. Very quick as well. A great help. Heartily recommended!!”
“This is my first time to use I was just curious to see what a professional thought about one of my first tracks. JP went above and beyond! I liked how he pointed out what my track was doing compared to my artist I was influenced by. I will be using him again.”
“The feedback from JP was very strong and on point. His constructive feedback will help me for sure to strengthen de quality of the track as well as bringing more interest to the end user and label. A lot of knowledge in the comments and I really recommend his feedback.”
“Very useful follow up feedback to fine tune the remaining stuff. Thanks for the great advices!”
“Very Helpfull! I got a feedback by JP Lantieri and it was very very helpfull!
His feedback was detailed, argued with a lot of relevant infos (about sound design, melodic writings, arrangement…). I think every track have something to win with a second and professional point of view! Thanks JP and thanks Audiu!”
Alex Turr
“Thank you for a really thorough and good feedback.”
“This is a great feed back. Very detailed, very helpful, very skilled, very practical. Exactly what I was looking for.”
Marek Kay
“We wanted to share with you that ‘Studio 609’ is getting signed by a label. Most likely it wouldn’t had happened without your help. So THANKS again.”
“We really like him a lot, What more can we say? we are very grateful, he is not only a great professional he is also a nice, polite, empathetic, patient and warm person. We want to continue working with him!”
Lucky Jesus
“I just want to let you know that I followed your advise and guess what.. It’s going to be on a national radio station in Belgium this weekend!”
“very good feedback with lots of creative and technical tips and tricks”
“Again, thank you for your feedback. I hope I can use your services in the future. I have gotten feedback from several people, and so far you have proved to be the best.”
Thor Fabian Pettersen