Peter Pavlov, Ornery & JP Lantieri release ‘Awakening’

That was a collaboration!

Flemcy Music Awakening












The “ultimate” collaboration track. A beautiful melodic/atmospheric combination idea started by Peter Pavlov months ago turned into a developed piece after two other producers (Ornery and myself) added their ideas/touch to it.
The result is a unique epic but deep, dark but uplifting piece, agremented with remixes by Berlin based young prodigies Kossov and Leandro.

The EP has been released on my label Flemcy Music.

Some great feedback from world class tastemakers:
– Original is strong, my fave here (Afrojack)
– Massive! Full support
(Damion Pell, Decoded Magazine)
– Leandro and Ornery sound good (Danny Tenaglia)
– Nice sounds here
(Digitally Imported Radio)
– Original + JP Lantieri Remix we like! (Flash Brothers)
– very nice, great release (Robert Owens)
– Ornery remix, will support (Markus Schulz)
among many, many others!

JP Lantieri, Ornery, Peter Pavlov in the studio working on 'Awakening'On fouroverfour main page squareAwakening premiered on IWantEDM










April 2017