JP and Ornery release “Distance” EP

Another great collaboration with super talented Ornery. We’ve made this 3-track EP…

Close your eyes and let JP Lantieri & Ornery’s truly cosmic Distance EP take you on a celestial journey like no other, way out to the far reaches of the universe.

Flemcy Music Distance (general)

March 2018




JP releases his remix of Kamilo Sanclemente’s “Enchanted Forest”

Need I say more?

After having had a string of releases on esteemed labels like Einmusika, Natura Viva, Perspectives Digital, and Manual Music to name a few, making him one of the fastest rising progressive house artists of the past year, Kamilo Sanclemente is gracing Flemcy Music (yes, you know, that’s my label) with the deep progressive and quite haunting “Enchanted Forest”.

Flemcy boss JP Lantieri and veteran Ornery could not resist to bring their own twist of this beautiful track with their two remixes, exploring respectively the brighter and the darker side.

Support from Darin Epsilon (“great energy and melodies”), The White Shadow, Guy Mantzur (“all over this beauty”), Acumen, Hernan Cattaneo, Progressive Astronaut, Deep Stories, Paul Hazendonk, Guy J, Unders, Petar Dundov, Adana Twins, Omid 16B (“proper prog!”), Armin van Buuren, Olivier Weiter, Paco Osuna… 

Flemcy Music Enchanted Forest (JP Lantieri Remix)







February 2018

JP plays at Rena’s “Find Me” launch party

Gorgeous and multi-talented Rena invited me to play at her single “Find Me” launch at the iconic Westbank Music venue near Portobello in London. A great night it was.

JP at Rena single launch


January 2018

JP releases “Inspired” with Daniela Rhodes

Daniela Rhodes & JP Lantieri – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes on Flemcy Music


Whilst on the Parasol Tour out in Ibiza last summer, Flemcy Music boss JP Lantieri was mesmerised by Daniela Rhodes’ performances. DJing as D-Vox while singing and vocalising on top of her impeccable choice of groovy tracks caught his eye and ears. Daniela was equally as excited about JP’s sound, getting lost in the bright, musical mood set by JP Lantieri during his sets.

The two of them made an instant connection and after their return from Ibiza drew inspiration from each other to create beautiful music together. From this shared experience, their perfectly named track “Inspired” was born. A radiant, progressive house groove complimented by Daniela’s enchanting voice that holds you tight and keeps you warm until the very end.

The creative bug which they caught on their musical journey was contagious as Ornery and Mystik Vybe, also members of the Ibiza tour, felt compelled to get involved and add their own twists creating equally as inspired remixes reminiscent of Jeremy Olander, Cristoph, John Digweed, Darin Epsilon, Joris Voorn and D-Nox & Beckers.

Flemcy Music Inspired Feat. Daniela Rhodes



Early support from Petar Dundov, Deep Stories, Sanjay Dutta, Markus Schulz, Sasha, Robert Babicz, Miss Nine, Acumen…



  1. Daniela Rhodes & JP Lantieri – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes (Original Mix)
  2. Daniela Rhodes & JP Lantieri – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes (Ornery Remix)
  3. Daniela Rhodes & JP Lantieri – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes (Mystik Vybe Remix)
  4. Daniela Rhodes & JP Lantieri – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes (Radio Edit)

“Inspired” by Daniela Rhodes and JP Lantieri


January 2018

JP releases ‘Shiraz’

After having released two progressive/techno white wine grapes, ‘Riesling’ then ‘Chardonnay’, I am back this time with a deep progressive red wine grape, ‘Shiraz’, which may get you tipsy, even tipsier if you listen to the sweet remix by my talented friend Alec Soren.

Support from Cristian Varela, Matt Darey, Digitally Imported Radio, Sasha, Eelke Kleijn, Miss Melera, Progressive World, AFFKT, Afrojack, Markus Schulz, Erik Iker, Kiss FM, Fernando Ferreyra, Deeparture, Petar Dundov, Robert Babicz, Ilona Maras, Marc Poppcke, Danny Tenaglia, Chris Fortier, Boss Axis…

Flemcy Music Shiraz

December 2017

JP playing at EGG London

Playing in the Basement room of EGG London, one of the top 100 clubs in the world, is always a thrill. And that night, as we were celebrating the release of the London Sound Academy first album (which includes my track “Libra”), the crowd went mad!

September 2017



JP releases ‘Libra’ on the first LSA album


I have had the pleasure to contribute to London Sound Academy‘s first album on the veteran label Right Recordings, with my track “Libra“, album which has been released on 1st September 2017.

LSA square image





September 2017