4 superb vocal remixes of some of JP’s “Zodiac” tracks

Spinning beautifully off of his sensational 12 track album ‘Zodiac’, JP Lantieri invites Flemcy residents and guest artists Hadron Sounds, Alec Soren, Soraya Grosso and Daniela Rhodes to sprinkle a little vocalistic essence and bold energy across a selection of the signs within it to bring you ‘Zodiac’ – The Vocal Mixes.

Zodiac The Vocal Mixes square


These chunky and funky, vocal ‘Zodiac’ sessions will leave you completely revitalised and glowing with inspiration from the inside out.


August 2019

JP releases his 12-track “Zodiac” album

JP Lantieri Delivers Twelve Horoscope Signs Energetic Album ‘Zodiac’ And Invites Us To Dance Among The Stars That We All Are.

Zodiac JP Lantieri squareFlemcy owner JP Lantieri has taken five years to prepare his 12-track ‘Zodiac’ album, and is releasing it both digitally and on CD, a nonstop rhythmic journey pulsating with kicks, bass and transcendent distorted melodies. ‘Zodiac’ is a dance music instrumental album covering progressive house, techno, house, melodic house, deep house, all seamlessly flowing creating an intertwined musical escape that navigates beyond time. [Read more…]

JP “Proximity” EP made in collaboration with Ornery is out

Close your eyes and let Ornery & JP Lantieri‘s new ”Proximity” EP take you on a progressive journey like no other, deep inside our atoms. ”Proximity” represents the continuation of “Distance”, the EP that the pair released last year, a contrast between outer and inner space, between infinitesimally large and infinitesimally small.

Ornery, JP Lantieri - Proximity EP Sleeve

[Read more…]

JP’s monthly Enigma Show on more and more radios

The number of radios broadcasting my regular Enigma Show is growing and includes Mambo Radio (Spain), Data Transmission (UK), BN4IA (USA), Revolution Radio (Russia), Jenny FM (Germany), Radio Axe Sud (France), Studio Sounds Radio (Germany)…

Enigma Show General Artwork



Apil 2019