JP “Proximity” EP made in collaboration with Ornery is out

Close your eyes and let Ornery & JP Lantieri‘s new ”Proximity” EP take you on a progressive journey like no other, deep inside our atoms. ”Proximity” represents the continuation of “Distance”, the EP that the pair released last year, a contrast between outer and inner space, between infinitesimally large and infinitesimally small.

Ornery, JP Lantieri - Proximity EP Sleeve

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JP’s monthly Enigma Show on more and more radios

The number of radios broadcasting my regular Enigma Show is growing and includes Mambo Radio (Spain), Data Transmission (UK), BN4IA (USA), Revolution Radio (Russia), Jenny FM (Germany), Radio Axe Sud (France), Studio Sounds Radio (Germany)…

Enigma Show General Artwork



Apil 2019


“Lost In Space” by Felix FX featuring Paula P’Cay remixed by JP

Here what they say about my remix:

“Beyond our sun and past the furthest moon lies a place of wonder surrounded by the glowing bass, delicate light beams and eternal love emanating from JP Lantieri’s inspiring remix of ‘Lost In Space’ by Felix FX featuring Paula P’Cay. A boundless, progressive journey about a queen and her heart that blows life out into all corners of the galaxy.”

Felix FX - Lost In Space feat. Paula P'Cay [JP Lantieri Remix]

April 2019

JP remixes “Mondsüchtig” by Sounom & Sagou

Sounom & Sagou are veterans on the scene, releasing beautiful tracks in the deep house / progressive house / melodic techno range. Their “Abendrot” EP, released on Flemcy Music, includes my remix which I’ve really enjoyed creating,




March 2019