JP in Penang: 2 Full House Gigs

My recent gigs with the Glenmorangie Chinese New Year Tour were my best gigs ever. There was a full house at Room Club and at Soju Room in Penang, together with my pal Alex ASquared. HUNDREDS of happy clubbers in each venue, and they made me happy too!
February 2013

How would you DJ in a club?

Do you want to be part of a viral experience, while of course, having some fun? Follow these easy steps and you could be on your way into being part of my next music video!

1. Watch this funny video, entitled “How to DJ in a club”

2) Share, like, favourite, comment on the video via youtube and repost it! Get your friends to follow the same steps, save it as part of your youtube playlist, send it out via message or even email it!

3) Invite as many of your friends to the event link below for more info:

Let’s see if the views of this video grow quickly!


January 2013

JP @ KL’s Newest White Party

The latest and newest white party in Kuala Lumpur was held at Bedroom, Pavilion recently and this time, it featured a range of performers under the UV light. The night welcomed a fellow DJ, Paul Sounds all the way from the UK as well as brilliant shows from percussionist, Calvin Clarke and belly dancer extraordinaire, Sisi! Shaz, my amazing vocalist were also one of the many award winning acts to join in on the musical journey.

December 2012

JP at the White Seduction party

I’m gonna spin at the “WHITE SEDUCTION” party in Bedroom, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 24 November 2012, looks like it’s gonna be a party a bit different than the others, and certainly happening.


November 2012

The French Connection 2.0

Galz and Guyz from KL, book your Saturday night 25th August, coz it’s gonna be the 2nd French Connection party, with 2 French DJs and awesome (yes, really!) performers!



August 2012

JP interviewed for the story behind ‘A New Beginning’

The FMT interviewed me last week and got an inside scoop of how ‘A New Beginning’ was initially produced and also what changes this catchy tune went through to become the electronic dancefloor favourite of many that it currently is.

Click on the image below to be able to read the article on FMT’s website.

August 2012

JP & The French Connection [Fete De La Musique]

The Fete De La Musique turned out to be an amazing party at Vertigo KL with the French Connection (DJ French Chris and JP) accompanied with talented performers (Sheri the violonist, Francis the didgeridoo, Shaz the singer, Lawrence the dancer, Mathieu the percussionist) and, of course, a superb crowd!

Click here or on the image to view JP & Shaz Live!

June, 2012