JP at the White Seduction party

I’m gonna spin at the “WHITE SEDUCTION” party in Bedroom, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur on Saturday 24 November 2012, looks like it’s gonna be a party a bit different than the others, and certainly happening.


November 2012

The French Connection 2.0

Galz and Guyz from KL, book your Saturday night 25th August, coz it’s gonna be the 2nd French Connection party, with 2 French DJs and awesome (yes, really!) performers!



August 2012

JP interviewed for the story behind ‘A New Beginning’

The FMT interviewed me last week and got an inside scoop of how ‘A New Beginning’ was initially produced and also what changes this catchy tune went through to become the electronic dancefloor favourite of many that it currently is.

Click on the image below to be able to read the article on FMT’s website.

August 2012

JP & The French Connection [Fete De La Musique]

The Fete De La Musique turned out to be an amazing party at Vertigo KL with the French Connection (DJ French Chris and JP) accompanied with talented performers (Sheri the violonist, Francis the didgeridoo, Shaz the singer, Lawrence the dancer, Mathieu the percussionist) and, of course, a superb crowd!

Click here or on the image to view JP & Shaz Live!

June, 2012

JP – Fete de la Musique

20th June, 2012, “Fete de la Musique” a.k.a World Music Day is being celebrated at Bianco, Vertigo Club (KL). DJ French Chris and moi will grace the decks for the night, bringing you entertainment you wouldn’t want to miss! Taking place on June 21 of each year, it gives the opportunity to all the musicians to take over the streets and play their favorite songs and music in public from early evening until early morning!

Violin, Didgeridoo, dance showcase, these are just going to be a part of an unforgettable night!

 June, 2012