JP – Radio Interview @ BFM

My radio interview at BFM was an interesting one. It was held on Monday, the 12th of March, 2012, at 6:30pm. The group of people present there were a nice mix comprising of Siva Chandran and Meera Thuraivel. During the interview, topics regarding the VIMA awards were discussed. We also shared our individual views about the evolution of music and how various social media have affected the industry. It has also helped improve interactions between both musicians and music lovers, just the way I get to keep all my lovely fans and viewers out there posted about what’s happening at my end.

Here’s a souvenir picture of the interview at BFM. From the left you will see me, Meera Thuraivel (CEO of Bite Media which organised the last VIMA awards), Siva Chandran (founder of the VIMA awards), Ezra and Caroline of BFM radio.

In case you missed my interview, kindly click on the link below to listen:

Radio Interview 12-Mar-12

March 2012