JP Lantieri at the legendary Real World Studios for a Beatcamp production weekend

When I was young, I was listening to Peter Gabriel (Sledgehammer, Salsbury Hill, Shock The Monkey…) in his post-Genesis career. Then he went on founding what has since become the most famous world music festival, the WOMAD, and also the Real World Studios, certainly one of the best and most beautiful recording facilities of the world.

I spent the last weekend at Real World Studios. I would never imagine, fifteen or more years ago when I first heard of this legendary place, that I would one day have the opportunity to create music there, it was just a vague unachievable dream. So last weekend was a dream come true!

It has been organised by Beatcamp, the music producers collaboration incubator, which paired twenty producers form all over the world (some flying from Romania, USA, Indonesia specially for this event) who never met before in duos with the goal of creating 10 unique tracks. The amazing facilities and engineers of Real World Studios were at our disposal. I have been paired with Jason, aka Rollright Knights, and we went along pretty well, creating a nice track with the amazing voice of Nicole.

Need I say it was an incredible weekend?

Beatcamp Real World 14 Rollright Knights, Paw, JP Lantieri B&W long Beatcamp Real World 32 Beatcamp Real World 71 Beatcamp Real World 64 Beatcamp Real World 17

May 2016