Boost your productivity by organising your DAW

You open your DAW. You place ideas here and there. Then you spend your time scrolling up and down and clicking all over the project to remember where you placed that particular sound. Save lots of time with a little bit of preparation that we’re going to go through now. [Read more…]

Your track is finished. Your work is not.

You’ve just finished your track. You bounce it. Done! Can you send it around now?

Oh no, not yet! (Unless you want to miss your target…). Let’s see the few simple actions you need to undertake to make your track look pro when being seen by others. [Read more…]

One of the main reasons your track sounds too busy and messy

Your track is in good progress. You’ve added sound after sound, channel after channel. Each time you add an element, your track takes shape, and you get happier. You start singing along, tapping your foot, even dancing in your room/studio.

But now you realise that it sounds busy, clogged, tiring, messy… it’s far from sounding as clear and punchy as your current favorite tracks from your Beatport or Spotify. [Read more…]