JP releases his Sémillon EP on Flemcy Music

Here’s what Flemcy Music says:

As January draws to a close, Flemcy Music’s master vintner JP Lantieri has a sommelier poised and ready to pour his Gamay and Semillon EP; the next exquisite instalment in our progressive connoisseur’s ever-tempting wine series.

Right from the pop of its purple-stained cork, Gamay (Original Mix) is complimented by the delicate vocal echoes laid perfectly within its beautifully harmonic melody as it drives towards a bold and earthy, acidic climax.

Sémillon (Original Mix) is a semisweet blend of abstract sound, tumbling and turning colourfully and unpredictably with aural surprises strewn throughout this trippy, bright and textured journey.

The New Year is here so let us raise a toast to JP’s prize-winning vineyard and indulge in the warm and wonderful feelings which bubble within us as we enjoy the ever-developing, boundary pushing sounds of JP Lantieri and the exceptionally creative Flemcy Music family.

Released on 27 January 2021
1. JP Lantieri – Sémillon (Original Mix)
2. JP Lantieri – Gamay (Original Mix)


February 2021


JP plays a visual/virtual set for Workouts

I have partnered with talented Ornery to create our nightlife brand “Workouts”.

As we are confined during these troubled times, we are doing virtual set. Here’s the Workouts session number 006:

November 2020


JP releases his Cabernet EP with stunning remixes

JP Lantieri – ‘Cabernet’ EP on Flemcy Music

This October something fresh has been fermenting in the aromatic, Flemcy Music winery.

‘Cabernet’, from the seasoned palate of its original creator JP Lantieri, stands proudly at the centre of a contest to find remixes worthy enough of their place by its side, with the bold efforts of Cary Crank, J.Wu and Hasith sharing the crown to complete this new concept release and exciting Flemcy first.

Cabernet Sleeve EP

Congratulations to the winners of the ‘Cabernet’ remix competition and a big thank you to everybody who submitted their entries and contributed towards setting an incredibly high standard.

With music as mouth-watering as the ‘Cabernet EP’ displayed in the Flemcy wine cellar, we will never be short of invigorating, progressive pleasures to absorb and appreciate. Long may our magical journey continue…

Released on October 6th, 2020 on Beatport exclusive, then on October 20th on all other platforms.

October 2020